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Leonard Public Library

Library Card policy update

Library Card policy updated by the Board May 2011

You must have a card to use the Library. To prevent unauthorized use of a lost or stolen card we will take your photo, only you will be able to use this card and card number assigned to you. You may purchase a replacement card you will need to show your photo ID and pay a $2.00 replacement fee. Minors will need to bring a parent with them.

Renewing your library card:

Patron cards expire after one year. At that time, you will be asked to verify and update the information in your record. You will keep the same card and the same patron ID number. If your card is not in good standing library privileges will be suspended or terminated.
This will be at the discretion of the library director.
Determination will be on a case to case basis.

Reinstatement: For patrons whose privileges have been limited or revoked, patron will be eligible to meet with the director after 1 year to reinstate card privileges. If patron is a minor, patron and parent will meet together with the director. You will need to pay all outstanding fees and or fines; lost items not returned will be charged the full cost of the item. At this time you will be placed on probation with limited usage of:
(2 items per individual 5 items per family) for a period of 1 year.
During the probation year you may not have late materials. Patrons can call or come into the library to set up a meeting with the director.

Failure to abide by any of the library rules will result in permanent termination of your library privileges.