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Leonard Public Library

Please Read before you begin your session :Internet policies

Cell Phone use is Not Permitted in the library. It is the responsibilty of the patron to be aware of all Internet use policies. When signing in at the desk you are entering an agreement with Leonard Public Library to abide by all rules of the Library governing the Internet use. Breaking this agreement will result in the end of your Internet privileges and termination of your Library Card. Please bring your own supplies. The Library can not provide pencils, pens or paper. Library computers will be shut down 30 minutes before closing time.

You may not use the Library computers to perform illegal activities.

 Illegal use may result in loss of library privileged and or legal action.

Turning off library equipment is prohibited. You may log off. 

 But don’t shut down.


Access to the Internet is permitted at the sole risk and discretion of the user.

All Internet resources accessible through the Library are offered equally to all Library patrons. It is the responsibility of Parents to monitor their children as they explore this resource. Library staff cannot act a substitute parent or be responsible for unsupervised children on the Internet terminals.

The Internet is unregulated and its contributors represent various points of view. The Library does not control or monitor the information available through the Internet and assumes no responsibility for its content, accuracy, timeliness or the method or manner in which the information, once obtained, is used. Some patrons may find information and/or materials that they feel are controversial, unlawful or personally objectionable.

Library Computer Use by Minors (all patrons under 18 years old)

As with other Library materials, supervision of a child’s use of the internet and all materials in the Library is the responsibility of the parent. A parent must advise the library whether or not the minor has his/her permission to use the Internet before the minor is able to have Internet access at the Leonard Public Library.


You must be signed in by a staff member, stop at the circulation desk and present your library card.

Library staff will then log you on.

You are entering an agreement to abide by library polices and follows all rules of the library. You will need to read the information on the home page before your session.

Wi Fi access is unrestricted via patron’s own laptop. Ask for code at circulation desk.


Staff will sign in only one person per unit.

Computer use is limited to one session of 70 minutes per day.

Parents helping with homework will need to ask at the desk for a duel session.

Computers will automatically log off when time allotment is over.

All computers will be turned off 30 minutes prior to closing time.

You may request extended time for special projects.

(This request must be made in advance)


Any persons needing duel usage may request this room.

 The room can be  booked for 2 hour time slots in advance at the circulation desk.


Patrons must print or save their work to a disk before the end of their session. Work not saved before the end of a session is lost and is not retrievable.

Printing is allowed for .25 cents per page.

Please pick up and pay for all printing before you leave at circulation desk.


Library staff will be glad to help you get started or answer questions but cannot offer in-depth training or assistance during your internet session.


Your privacy is not guaranteed when using the Internet. You must evaluate the source of any information you find for accuracy. The Library has implemented software filters but filters are not absolute.

It is the Parents /guardians of children under 18 years old who are ultimately responsible for their children’s use of the internet.

You may not misrepresent yourself when using the Internet.

You must abide by and follow all rules set forth in social networking sites.