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Leonard Public Library

Library Policies

The way we do things and why
  • Rules of Conduct for Leonard Library

    Proper conduct while in the library

  • Please Read before you begin your session :Internet policies

    Cell Phone use is Not Permitted in the library. It is the responsibilty of the patron to be aware of all Internet use policies. When signing in at the desk you are entering an agreement with Leonard Public Library to abide by all rules of the Library governing the Internet use. Breaking this agreement will result in the end of your Internet privileges and termination of your Library Card. Please bring your own supplies. The Library can not provide pencils, pens or paper. Library computers will be shut down 30 minutes before closing time.

  • Behavior in the Library
  • Circulation Rules
  • Library Card policy update

    Library Card policy updated by the Board May 2011

  • Collection

    Leonard Public library collection policy

  • Gift policy

    Donation and gifts given to the Library

  • Donations

    The Library gratefully accepts monetary and material donations. The Library will accept donations of materials as long as the donor understands that the Library staff reserves the right to determine the usefulness of each item to our collection. The Library staff is free to add or dispose of the items as they deem appropriate. The Library does NOT establish a value for items donated. The donor must establish a value for income tax purposes.